Monday, April 25, 2016

*****Lord Sri Venkateswara ,Lord Srimannarayana Himself *****

*****Lord Sri Venkateswara, Lord Srimannarayana Himself *********
Lord Sri Venkateswara is swayambhu, self-manifest.
Lord’s image is not carved by either humans or gods.
Lord Srimannarayana Himself took the form of a sila
murthi to bless us all in this Kaliyug.
Lord’s image is about nine feet in height…His

eyes are dark and long…He is looking at all of us in
what is called ‘sama drishti’ the looks are absolutely
horizontal…He is looking with a grand smile of extraordinary
tranquility…the smile that envelopes all His
creation with benovelence…Oh! Swamy!... when you are
taking care of us with such an affectionate smile why

should we worry at all?...

***Lord Sri Venkateswara, Lord Srimannarayana Himself **********************

is infront of all of us to bless us!...Oh! How
blessed all of us are!...always remember that He is the
kindest of all…He and He alone knows all our
limitations…our weaknesses…our problems…everything
about us…your brother, your sister, your spouse, or even
your parents many not understand you fully…but he
knows everything about you…and always remember He
is the most affectionate…no one else is more
affectionate to you than him …just think of Him with
sincerity…you do not have do big yagnas or
yagas…smaran alone is enough…he will instantly
answer your prayers…all your problems will vanish into
thin air…

When a devotees stands infront of the Lord, he
forgets everything… you are dumbstruck with his
majestic, magnificent and most beautiful and ever
charming murthi…such is the power of Lord that you
can not stare at the moorthi continuously for a few
seconds…unknowingly one closes his eyes…we go to
Him with so many desires…but the moment you are
infront Him you are speechless…an aura of ultimate
happiness sweeps across you that you forget everything
else in this world…all your desires, all your
problems…everything you wanted to seek from Him…all
these will not come into your mind at all…you are
engulfed by the supreme, devine aura…Oh! Swamy!
what a divine darsan?...kindly grant us one more
darsan…this is what every devotee feels before leaving

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  1. *****"Oh! Lord Venkateswara! Thou art more akin to my soul.
    Thou art the ocean of mercy.Thou makest all our miseries disappear.
    None else but Venkateswara is the Lord of this universe.
    I meditate on Him and pray for his protection.
    I pray to Him to forgive all my mistakes which are the outcome of my ignorance."*****


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