Sunday, July 31, 2016

*****Lord Sri Venkateswara is Swayambhu***** *****Swayam Vyaktha BHAGAWAAN VISHNU*****

*****Lord Sri Venkateswara is Swayambhu*****
*****Swayam Vyaktha BHAGAWAAN VISHNU*****

Lord Sri Venkateswara is Swayambhu, self-manifest.
Lord’s image is not carved by either humans or Gods.

Lord SrimanNarayana Himself took the form of a sila
murthi to bless us all in this Kaliyug.
The Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana Swayam
Vyaktha.HE is the Supreme among all these as it is the
form in which Lord Himself manifests…He is
consecrated by neither humans nor devathas…Lord
himself takes the form He wishes to bless His devotees.
So Thirumala come under this aspect of
In Thirumala thus Lord Sriman Narayana
manifest Himself to redeem all of us from past Sins and miseries
of Kaliyug.



  1. "Salutations to Lord Venkateswara whose abode is on Narayanadri.
    Salutations to Him who cleanses the sins of His devotees.
    Salutations to Him who is the Lord of the three worlds and who destroys demons.
    Salutations to Him who loves His devotees and saves them from difficulties."

  2. Lord venkateshwara is the lord of seven hills which are secret by orgin ie from vaikuntha.
    And the lord has command on deva, asuras, and celesials
    It the magnetic power which is eternally present in this vigraham or archamurti , attracts the being who has darshan will never be satisfied and is drawn again and again to Venkatala to have glimpse of ever beautiful kaliyug devata.
    Om namo venkat nathaya!


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