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*****About Names of Lord Sri Venkatesha:******

*****About Names of Lord Sri Venkatesha:******


Lord Venkateswara is also known by other names like:  Sriman-Narayan, Srinivasa, Balaji, Govinda, Vishnu, VenkataNarayana, Perumal, Tirupati-Thimmappa, Venkatachalapati, Sri-Vaaru, Venkatakirshna and Venkataramana.
Meaning of “Venkatesha”“Venkatesha” means supreme Lord who removes sins, and blesses with Nector, Engery, Prosperity & wealth.  Details below clearly explains this:
Meaning of “Venkatesha”: Venkatesha means Lord who removes Sins. “Ven+Kat+Esha”, “Ven” means SIN, “Kata” means “BURNT”, “Esha” means Lord or controller.
Any Divine Name has two meanings: one is Arta-Shakti (Energy in meaning of the word) and Shabda-Shakti(Energy in the sound). According to Arta-Shakti (Energy in the meaning of the word) Venkatesha = Ven+Kat+Esha = Sin+ burn+ Supreme Lord. That is, Supreme Lord who burns away accumulated sins. According to Shabda-Shakti(Energy in the  sound) Venkatesha = Va+em+kata+Esha = Nectar(Amrit) + Energy(shakti)+ prosperity & wealth(aishwaryam) + Supreme Lord. That is supreme lord who bestows Nector, Engergy, prosperity & wealth.
From the above details, “VenkaTesha” means God who removes sins, & blesses with Nector, Engery, Prosperity & wealth. Any one who worships the Lord will gets removed of all their sins. Once the sins are removed then all problems and pains go away. Lord Venkateshwara is considered the “Kali-yuga varada”, that is ‘the boon-granting Lord of “Kali-yug” & remover of the sins. (Kali-Yug is the fourth age of the Hindu cycle of ages).

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