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Salutations to Lord Vishnu, the sole master of the universe and His presence is ever serene. He reposes on the couch (of Adisesha, the divine serpent), sporting a lotus in His navel. He is the Lord of all Devas, protector of the worlds and all-pervading like the sky. His complexion is like that of the clouds with a very beautiful form. He is the consort of Sri Lakshmi and His eyes are like lotus petals and who is meditated upon by Yogis and is the Lord of the Cosmos
Lord Venkateshwara is a form of Sri Vishnu and one of the Divine Trinity. The name Venkateshwara can be split into three parts in Sanskrit: Ven (sins), kata (destroyer), and ishwara (Supreme Lord). Using this etymology, Venkateshwara refers to the Supreme Lord who destroys sins. He is also known as Balaji, Srinivasa, Perumal, Venkatachalapathy and many other names. The Goddess Lakshmi (Vishnu's consort) resides on the chest of Venkateshwara, and thus He is also known by the epithet Srinivasa (the one in whom Sri resides). The deity is considered the Kali Yuga Varada that is “the boon-granting Lord of Kali Yuga” (the fourth and final age of the Hindu cycle of ages).
His right hand in the form of varada hastham fulfills devotees’ wishes. With His conch he creates the cosmic sound that destroys ignorance and with His Chakram He destroys evil. Lord Venkateswara's eyes are covered, because it is said, that His gaze is so intense, it would scorch the universe.

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