Friday, February 5, 2016



A holy Dream vision which made me realize how much the GOD responds to the devotion we show on Him :
We all came back to room around 4.30 A.M after having tea, Took bath and slept. I hugged the holy Sai satcharitra book on my chest friends. I was too tired and slept nicely. The surprise was the dream I had ..

In the dream I saw this..

I saw a small temple…Its like temple inside which we can only keep idol of God and cannot enter. I mean to say it was like small temple some people construct in house. The temple had Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy beautifully shining with all his glory.

A priest is showing lamps, Aaarti to Lord Venkateswara Swamy.

Suddenly i hear a voice,

“Crores of devotees comes to see me and today I am opening my eyes to see you “
As soon as i heared this voice, I saw

Lord Sri Venkateswara opening his eyes, It was not a ordinary way of simply opening friends. It was as if his eyes were twinkling and like a flash light , he opened his eyes for a moment, closed it in fraction of second, again the eyes were opened. It was like a divine play of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Even when i write this i could feel how little we humans ask only for materialistic benefits from Venkateswara but the God on other hand responds for our devotion by giving a dream to even a very ordinary person like me.

Then while Sri Venkateswara swamy was opening his eyes , i am taking the aarti and showing to the Lord with such happiness i can’t write in words.

After few minutes, I woke up and can remember this dream very clearly.

I remembered something I saw last evening,

We went to meet a bank officer as soon as we reached Tirupati . He had a poster on his table with the photo of sri venkateswara swamy and a wonderful wordings

“Its not the Darshan you Get – Its the darshan He gives ”

How beautiful and meaningful is this sacred words friends. We all say we had darshan of God when we go to any temple but in true sense, its the darshan the god gives us out of love on us.

The dream I had was so touching that I felt my life will have a positive turn from then on… That day , we had good darshan of LORD Venkateswara and i thanked Swamy for blessing me with such a dream.

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