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Lord SRI Venkateswara is a self-manifested 2m (6 ft) high Deity made of a jet-black stone. The Deity is known as Venkateswara, Srinivasa, Govinda, Perumal, or Balaji. His diamond crown, made in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, is said to be the single most valuable piece of jewelry in the world.
His two upper arms hold a conch-shell (sankha) and disk (cakra). The palm of his lower right hand is turned outward offering benediction (varada), while his lower left hand is turned inward (katyavalambita). Alarmelmangai-Nachchiyar (Lakshmi), seated on a lotus, is carved on the right side of Sri Venkateswara’s chest. Lord Rama’s marks are found on Venkateswara near the armpits: the bow and quiver (arrows).
The Lord’s eyes are covered by a large tilak like “V” made of camphor. For it is said that Lord Venkateswara’s lotus-like eyes are so beautiful that if they were uncovered, then pilgrims would not want to leave. This form of the Lord is known for fulfilling any desire a devotee may express to him. It is also said that his eyes are covered because His gaze would scorch the entire world.
The Deity wears very precious jewelry. He wears a garland of big solid-gold coins. His two hands, opened in benediction, are covered first with silver and then diamonds and rubies. He wears different big crowns made of solid gold covered in diamonds, rubies and other precious gems. The Lord wears a big emerald called “Meru Pacha,” which is 3 inches in diameter and is considered to be the biggest emerald in the world. All the jewelry is real gold. The Lord possesses over 250 crores (70 million dollars) worth of gems and 640 kgs of gold.


  1. "Salutations to Lord Venkateswara whose abode is on Narayanadri.
    Salutations to Him who cleanses the sins of His devotees.
    Salutations to Him who is the Lord of the three worlds and who destroys demons.
    Salutations to Him who loves His devotees and saves them from difficulties."


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