Wednesday, February 10, 2016

***LORD SRI VENKATESWARA Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana (Tuesday)***

***LORD SRI VENKATESWARA Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana (Tuesday)***


In this seva LORD SRI VENKATESWARA is worshiped with 108 Golden lotus flowers while performing a special archana. Admission for this seva through "vaikundam complex" . It is Ashtadala - Swarna - Padma - Puja. This special puja is celebrated on Tuesdays after the second bell is over and Jiyar swamy with the Sri Vaishnavas comes out. The arjita sevakas who paid for the seva are allowed to go and sit in the mandapa between Bangaru Vakili and the Kulasekharappadi. Once a Muslim devotee offered 108 golden lotuses each weighing about 23 gms. In this visesha puja, the archaka offered these flowers at the holy feet of the Lord with the uttering of each name,interested readers may read the Heart touching clicking the following link

 during the recitation of Dvadashanamas of the Lord after offering dhoopa and deepa to the main deity. Later archana is offered to Goddess Lakshmi & Padmavati. Then Ratha Aarati is offered first followed by ordinary aarti. Then arjita sevakas are given vastra (upper cloth) along with sathari and they are given two big laddu, two vada's as prasadam.
devotees watch the TTD Video for HEARTS SATISFACTION 


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